Dec 25, 2014

Happy Holidays- Feliz Navidad

It's that time of the year again, Christmas! Although the blog posts have been on the slow side this year, I still want to take some time to post a little Christmas/ Navidad post. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  To kick off our Navidad /Christmas festivities, we received a Martha Stweart Sugar Cookie Baking Kit from Macy's. Feliz Navidad amigos y amigas! Now let's bake some cookies. 

Dec 8, 2014

[Out & About] Road Trip to Hearst Castle

November has come and gone and as I am sure I have mentioned many times before, November is my birthday month therefore my favorite month.  This year for my birthday, I decided to do something a little different.  I planned a mini- California road trip, convinced the boyfriend and headed up north along Pacific Coast Highway for a few days.  It was a lovely trip and the perfect reminder that there is so much to see and explore in my lovely California.  Our first stop was  Hearst Castle in San Simeon.  The photographs above speak for themselves, Hearst Castle is a hidden gem and I only say this because of all the people I talked to before and after my trip about 90% of them were not familiar with Hearst Castle.  The views, architecture, gardens & the history combined make it a truly magical stop along PCH.  I recommend you visit the property during the later tour hours so that you can catch the breathtaking sunset at the top of the hill and on your way down. 

More trip details to come,

xo- Ari

Nov 3, 2014

[What I Wore] Plaid Bomber Jacket

jacket: c/o Vans     /     tote: Rebecca Minkoff Bowery    /   shoes: ZARA
photos by Cristi Burgos at  The Daily Dose DTLA

A DTLA lunch meeting calls for a midi-skirt and plaid bomber jacket combo.  I am usually not a "pencil skirt" type of gal, but I can totally do a longer length "midi-style"pencil skirt.  The longer length feels new and updated as opposed to the classic knee length. I am pretty excited over the fact that I can finally wear jackets (because the temps finally cooled down) and that the month of November has arrived!
Get the look below and get social with me on Instagram & Twitter.

Besos xo

Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

Oct 28, 2014

[ The IT List: It's a Hat Thing] Wool Wide-Brim Fedora

[image 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 ]
There is one accessory that will instantly add a fall vibe to anything that you wear, that accessory is the wool wide brim fedora which can also be called the wool panama hat.  I like this version of a fall hat because it's a bit more "menswear" inspired as opposed to another popular style the floppy hat.  Below, we have outlined our favorite fall hats in all price ranges.  

If you are not too sure about being able to rock the hat this fall, or if you want to go with a style that is not very classic, we recommend you go with a hat that is priced on the lower side.  See the options in our "$" section below, the prices start at $14 giving you a guilt free chance at the fall hat trend.  The best part is that you don't have to stress about the care of the hat, best for traveling.

If you are a "hat pro" and you are looking for a wool hat that will last you for years, then we recommend purchasing a hat at a higher price point in a classic style (black, grey or brown) the quality will be apparent in the details, especially in the way it retains it's shape.  For those on neither side, there is always middle ground, there are great hat options under $100 that offer both great quality and great value for the price.  Now, go for it!  You can shop directly from our picks below by clicking on the corresponding links at the bottom of the image.

 check out more options here:

Happy fall hat shopping
Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

Oct 23, 2014

[New to the Closet] Vans Classic Checkerboard Sneakers

 I have newly fallen in love with sneakers.  I say newly because back in the day, when I was in high school I was a total sneaker girl.  Pumas, Adidas, Nike, either I had them or obsessed over them all. However, don't ask me why but as soon as I graduated high school I strayed as far away as possible from sneakers.  It was impossible to find one pair of sneakers anywhere near me.  Anyway, within the last years I have fallen back in love with my first "shoe love" the sneaker!  I am sure it all has to do with the fact that the sneaker is having an "it" fashion moment, there are so many amazing classic styles resurfacing.  My current favorite pair is the Vans classic slip-on, because it's super affordable and available in so many fabrications my favorites being the classic checkerboard (pictured above) classic leopard print, metallic leather, leather snake and the perforated leather .  This is just a little glimpse at one easy outfit I put together, a LBD and a bold slip-on sneaker. Trust me you will be seeing a lot more of these babies!
check out my favorite Vans Slip-On styles here:

complete the look here:


Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

Oct 21, 2014

[The IT List: Fall Footwear] Key Players

October marks the stepping stone to amazing fall and winter weather, meaning cozy outfits and finally (in Los Angeles) layered outfit possibilities.   I hate to play favorites, but October, November & December are my favorite months of the year to plan and come up with outfits.  Maybe it's because my birthday lands on November (& my shopping budget goes up generously) or maybe it's because I love outerwear and boots, okay maybe it's both. So, what better time than now to take a look at three footwear styles that are the must have "key players" for Fall and Winter. 

[images from Pinterest, Scent of Obsession, Fashion Landscape]
 We all know that fall is about boots and closed toe shoes, but these three styles below have a new and fresh vibe, when styled accordingly (see inspiration board above) Now for the picks...
There is no doubt about it, I am crazy about sneakers, especially about dressing them up and mixing them into an outfit in an unexpected way.  During spring and summer it was all about combining the sneaker with a leather mini skirt or a girly dress.  For fall and winter, it's all about combining the "it" sneaker with leather pants or leggings, a blazer, or my favorite... a long coat or trench.  Think basic, but better.
The point is back, I know you are thinking duh! Well, lets say it's back, but better.  Pointed animal print boots in pony hair are perfect for those blue jean and white tee outfits, a no brainer look!  A laced up pointed pump will add edge and a tough flair to a girly dress or a classic shift dress.  Lastly, a pointed hybrid boot (its' a mix of a mule, sandal & boot!) in a deep fall shade (black works too) paired with a pencil skirt and a cozy over sized crew neck sweater is all you need for the perfect minimal no fuss outfit.
[black & white]   [tan leather]   [black]
Last but not least and maybe the most adorable yet confused style is the "Sandal Boot".  This shoe is perfect for our crazy, confused and warmer Los Angeles fall weather, because it has the look of a boot and the feel of a sandal.  This style goes with everything, jeans, dress pants, skirts, dresses, it's soooo versatile, easy to wear and super walkable when the heel is stacked/ blocked.

There you have it, feel free to share and shop this shoe guide.


Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

Sep 22, 2014

[What I Wore] Ross Fall Faves: Sweat Pants

[faux leather jacket, tee, sweat pants, necklace, purse & pumps all from Ross Stores]

I am sure you know the drill by now. Here we have another look from the Ross Fall Faves Style challenge, which means another complete head to toe fall look all under $100!  I have been a fan of dressing up sweat pants for years (proof here and here) so when I found myself inside the store in search of a cozy "rainy day" outfit I ran to these sweat pants as they hung on the rack.  I have done the sweat pant "thing" before and the trick is to stick to neutral colors.  This time I went with black and grey and topped off the look with a moto (faux) leather jacket and added black pumps for a polished vibe.  I am a huge fan of EVERY SINGLE piece featured in this outfit.  The best part is that all pieces  can be re-used individually to create a totally different look.  Okay, I lied.  The best part is that all the pieces featured in this outfit are total STEALS, yes I repeat....everything was under $100. So, who wants to go budget shopping with me!?

Head on over to the Ross FB page to vote for your favorite look and you will enter for a chance to win a $150 gift card to create your very own Fall Must Have look.

Stay tuned for the remaining look and for a little budget shopping guide next.


Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

Sep 19, 2014

[What I Wore] Ross Fall Faves: Midi - Dress

[ Full outfit is from Ross Dress for Less & under $100 ]

Here we have outfit two of the Ross Fall Must Haves Style Challenge and again the head to toe outfit was all purchased for under $100!  I normally am not a dress person, I usually go for separates. However when on a budget and wanting to make a statement a printed dress will always do the trick.  I like to toughen up dresses by adding pieces that will balance out the femininity of a dress.  Here I added a menswear inspired army/ military jacket and a suede open toe bootie.  Head on over to the Ross FB page to vote for your favorite look and you will enter for a chance to win a $150 gift card to create your very own Fall Must Have look!

Stay tuned for the remaining looks and for a little Budget shopping guide.


Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

Sep 11, 2014

[What I Wore] All Black at the Track

top: Vans Girls     /     skirt: ZARA      /     sandals: Steve Madden       /     purse: Rebecca Minkoff    /       necklace: Missguided

I decided to go for an "all black" look for the final closing day of Del Mar Racetrack.   It was great night as the sun set we placed some bets and enjoyed the Steve Aoki performance [a huge thanks to and ABR Live]

As for my outfit, I figured I would go for the gladiator sandals before summer ends, glad I was able to rock them for a bit!  Clearly, I am ready for some fall fashion.  Fall, bring it on!

Besos xo

Ariana Cabral
Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

Sep 1, 2014

[What I Wore] Ross Fall Faves: Mixed Prints

[full outfit is from Ross Dress For Less]

I am getting ready for the fall season, and have joined the Ross Fall Must Haves Style Challenge.  Where I styled four full looks for fall, all under $100 each!  I am all about affordable style and shopping smart so this "style challenge" was a fun one and what "La Catrina Style" is all about.  Throughout the month Ross will be releasing a weekly look on their Facebook page.  The best part is that by voting for your favorite look you will enter to win a $150 gift card to create your own look. [Click here to vote]

For the first look, I combined prints and textures for a fun feminine outfit perfect for a "girls night out".  Adding a dash of gold jewelry and a bright lipstick gives the outfit a little extra personality. What I like the most about this outfit is that ALL the pieces can be used over (and over) again in different ways giving us more "fashion" value.  I plan on re-wearing the fuzzy sweater with jeans and booties once the weather gets chilly and definitely plan on pairing the plaid skirt with a simple tank, the gold necklace and a moto jacket later on!  

I hope you enjoy this little style challenge, which proves that you don't need to spend a lot of money to rock a fab outfit. Stay tuned for the remaining three looks and for a little Ross shopping guide.


Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style 

Aug 28, 2014

[Back to School] First Day of Class

Back in the day, when I went to school there was nothing more exciting and full of anticipation than the first day of school.  So many questions, the most important one of course was "what to wear!?" In celebration of all the youngins' that are headed back to school (or already are back) we have decided to pretend we are also going back to school! If we had our "First Day of School" back, then the most important and fun question would remain... what would our first day of school outfit look like!? Below is what our ideal first day of school outfit would look like today! A little bit cool, a little bit effortless, a little mismatched and with the perfect dose of glam thanks to the cat eye sunnies and red lipstick we added.  Click on the links below for full item details.

To finish off, we leave you with a Back To School Macy's fashion video that we recently worked on.   Even if you don't go to school anymore, you can still rock a cool pair of kicks or backpack.  Share with us what your first day of class outfit would look like!

Stay Cool! xx

Ariana Cabral, Founder & Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style

Aug 4, 2014

Out and About [Del Mar]: Opening Day

A few weeks ago, we headed south to the San Diego area for a little weekday (felt like a weekend) getaway.  Thanks to the boyfriend I have learned to love horse racing.  The horses are beautiful, the track is filled with anxiety and emotion, it's the perfect opportunity to dress up and a fun place to people watch, what is there not to love about horse racing.  It was my third time visiting the Del Mar racetrack, but I must say it was the best yet.  This time around I was able to get a behind the scenes look of the beautiful track, I was even able to set foot inside the paddock. Yes, I know, pretty amazing!

To make the trip even better this time around, we decided to make our trip a little weekday vacay.  We stayed nearby the track at a very cute hotel and lounged by the pool that night.  The next day we strolled around Solana beach and soaked up the sun and took in the beautiful beach view.  I seriously can't wait to explore more next time around.


Ariana Cabral- Founder and Lead Stylist at La Catrina Style